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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Market America a scam?

One of my biggest concerns in my life is about investing any money into something that I could do from home.

Ten years ago I was married and had one child. I was a stay at home mom then. The very end of 1999 my family moved into our very first home and in 2002 we welcomed our second child. I wanted to continue to stay at home with our two children. I had to have a little income coming in though.

Everything out there though was either way to good to be true, a pyramid, or just a down right scam.

I even spent $50 on a book claiming to have jobs(making crafts,etc) from home. The quotas expected were way out of this world. I did try one and did not pass their initial inspection of the materials sent to me I had worked on.

I even tried selling on Ebay and had some success for awhile. I joined a drop shipping company that I thought was a great find. Until my buyers contacted me a few weeks later to find out how they could get their items replaced or repaired.

Needless to say I lost hundreds if not thousands of dollars. I was burned and tired.

There are many good business opportunities out there but most of them we all have known for many, many years and of course our areas are saturated anyways.

Earlier this year I found out about Market America. My emotions, I admit, were like a roller coaster. I would get excited and then concerned.

At times I felt overwhelmed with all the details about Market America. But I took a step back and talked a lot with my best friends as well as my team leader.

Teammates did their own research. Even on our team leader.

No one could find a negative comment about Market America that had any merit at all.

In March I signed up to be a distributor after hearing Bruce Holder speak in middle TN.

I have since done a lot of research on my own. In fact, I even joined a forum called I could find anything negative about MA there.

I have asked others particularly on Ebay why they were selling their distributor materials. All of them have decided they didn't have time to work on Market America.

Time was a big concern for me. I'm a single mom of 3 children now with only the support from my two best friends. I'm still charging full speed ahead with my business.

I have never expected it to be easy. I knew I was and still do know I have to work hard at it.

Like most things my closest friends know I am going to do research. I have spent countless hours learning more about MA besides listening to all the CD's and reading all the magazines and manuals MA gives you.

More than that, it's not even Multi-Level Marketing! You own your own business yet work as a team.

Other opportunities claim you work as a team but do you get treated the same way? I think not.

So the answer is Market America is Not a scam.


Kevin Mastaw said...

Hello Jen, You are correct. Market America is as legitimate and non-MLM as you can get. I've been an "unfranchise" owner since 2003 and have developed a nice from it. The only frustration is that I am not making as much as I'd like - but who doesn't share that frustration?

Also, I did not come into the business with the sales and marketing skills that everyone will need to have or develop at some point ot make the business succeed for them. In fact after two years of rapid growth, my business stalled.

So now I'm studying marketing and sales on my own and have discovered some great tools to help with the prospecting and recruiting process - which is the tough part for most people.

I highly recommend you get a copy of Ann Sieg's, "The 7 Great Lies of Network Marketing." (You can it at .

I began talking to Ann over two years ago but am just now implementing her methods into my business - it's growing again. Hint: Blogging is one of the methods!

Anyway, sorry for the long winded comment!


Anonymous said...

I was wondering about something... With most the of the money that was broght in? Has any of your recruiter's or the 2 people that work under you or the people that work under them made any money. I found serveral issues with the Market America Company. When I attended one of there workshops. The spokes person was talking about your BV pionts and what it takes to start recieving your residual income and what you have to do. But during his presentation I notice he failed to mention a key element which was your co-workers that work under you. He never metioned when or if they would make any money. He mainly focused on the person at and what would happen when you have all these people working under you...

Another thing the founder and CEO of this company James Ridinger used to work for AMWAY and has been under federal investigation serveral years back. Something to do with Mr. Ridinger, his attorney, and the stock exchange. I also had a freind that work for the company and left because she was not making money...

Mike said...

Market America paid out over 1.6 billion dollars in commissions to date. Market America has more people making between 1,500-3,000 a month that any company on earth, so I hear.

As for people working under you, the beauty of the compensation plan is that we get paid an extra 30K per year for helping other people make money. I don't know of any teaching occupation on earth that pays 30K/year for helping 2 people make money. Do you? If the speaker didn't mention that, shame on him/her. It is a part of the 'approved' presentation. We are required to talk about our team accumulating volume and teaching others to make money.

As for James Ridinger and the stock exchange situation, that is really really old news. So old in fact, I am perplexed that you bring up 8 year old news. Their record is squeaky clean and the company went private because the 'stocks' absolutely don't reflect the growth of our company. Good for J.R. He 'once' got some bad legal advice from some 'so called expert' in creating shell companies. Bad people give bad advice. N'est pa? The ex-vice president of payne weber is on our team and says it was nothing more than poor advice.

I am so glad we are private. Our CEO has poured millions into research, development and strengthening our company. He has never considered working with the penny stocks/stock exchange since....after all...they are extremely unstable anyway. He still shows us all the financials as if he is public, which he does not have to do. That is honorable!

As for your friend not making money, they should never again try networking. If you can't do this one, you can't do any of them. It has a compensation plan based on what a less than average person can do on a part time basis....with of course...lots of sweat equity. If you can't make it in Market America, you are either lazy, uncoachable, do not have a computer, or simply inadequate to make money in this industry. I know people that don't even speak English making 6 figures, so if people don't make money, I know where the accountability lies. After all, how difficult is it to show 2 people how to order online?


Go Now Girls

Jessica Thurlow said...

hi girls! i am glad you are doing something like this!! i am going through the same emotions that you went through.... excitement... then the ever-present scepticism/concern. i have the portal, and i entered as a supervisor. i have about 3 customers. i admit it's my fault. i havent been working the plan. my problem is that my mother got me in. im a stay at home mom, and she is a 9-5er and works 1/2 hour away from home. there is little support, and the person that got my mom in lives 1/2 hour away. the people that got HER in are from vermont, and i cant call them because of my queer phone plan. they are too far! LoL so that's why i havent really done much. im glad to see that you are blogging and being supportive of people you don't even know. MA is a huge thing, and it's only going to get bigger! there is way too much going on right now with our economy for people to NOT have something like MA as a back up plan. JR and Loren are really creating their own economy (and ours!) here! Well, i will check your blogs regularly, i love to see what other distributors are up to,seeing as how my upline is whacked. im not complaining about it really, because they HAVE been there EVERY time i have needed help, but if i had a team here in my town, that i could latch on to, i would be U-N-S-T-O-P-P-A-B-L-E!! I WANT to work the plan 40 hours a week like elizabeth did! Daycare, here we come!!! Then once the paycheck start coming in every week, i can take them out of daycare and have fun fun fun for the rest of my life!! what a business! you get to make money on sales, get paid to help other people get paid, and you get paid for saving your gas by shopping online... what could be more perfect?? NOTHING!! MA is a godsend!!!!
Thanks again!
Jessica in Maine
(a gonow wannabe LoL!)

Anonymous said...

Hi again! It's Jessica Thurlow! Just popping in to let you know i've overcome everything i talked about in my last comment! i found a team to work with, and my upline's availability has changed. I have support whenever i need it, and we are going to miami, which was my biggest goal. i wish i could say im getting paid now, but i JUST started a 90 day fast track on january 5th so obviously im not making money yet. Im so excited now, and that's all i feel. excitement. no more procrastination, no more doubt. i believe in this company/opportunity 100%! I can't wait to see how many people i am going to be able to help in one way or another over the next few years!!!

Gary said...

It's very interesting to hear all of these negative comments about Market America. My wife are distributors with Market America and we do love the business, but Market America is our plan (B). I am a Realtor in the State of Utah and it cost me more money to get my Real Estate License than it did for us to become distributors for Market America. I guess when people talk about the yearly renewal I don't understand their complaint, again it cost me almost $900.00 per year for my yearly Real Estate dues not to mention what it cost for what other services I pay for in my Real Estate. I have been self employed since I graduated High School and I have found that no matter what job you work weather your self employed or you work for someone else, if you do not get up and go to work, you will not make any money. Because one person can't make any money at Market America does not mean that the company is a bad company. I guess we should complain that the Founders of all of the big auto maker and all the other big corporations should not make any money for their GREAT contributions to society. If it takes ten years to build a Market America UN-Franchise Business, that is still better than 45 years. Remember life is what you make of it and the same goes for business.

linda said...

2 things about market america..their isotonics are SO AMAZEING i cant beleive they havent gone really public yet ..(we have a grandma 84 who takes custom blend every day shes active and only on 1 rx a day!!as for me cancer survivour ,never gets sick or flu shots.also on a bunch..also how does market america alow ebay to sell their products (im an established ebay sellerA) i dont sell underminds the market america folks...whats up

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