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Friday, April 18, 2008

"Become Empowered to make positive changes in your life"

As I've grown older I have learned why I've made some choices I eventually questioned.

Some of the people I have been surrounded by including family have had negative attitudes about issues. They dwell on their problems including health ailments.

Almost four years ago my life took a dramatic turn. While it seemed really bad in the beginning I have done a lot of growing in a positive direction.

In 2006 I attended a discipleship class at the church I was a member of called Making Healthy Choices. The class was moderated by Mike Strawbridge who eventually became my Life Coach.

From then on I have stayed on a firm path towards a positive, fulfilling and stable life. Which is why I have now created my very own website dedicated to empowering others to make positive changes in their life.

Some of the things I have learned have been quite simple most people will overlook.

One of the things I tell people who are going through problems right now is when you first wake up in the morning think and or say outloud at least three things you are grateful for in your life. The more the better though. Try doing the same thing before you go to bed at night.

Coming soon to my website will be a page dedicated to affirmations. I will also be working with others who have created their own affirmation cards that will be available for purchase.

I have been reminded as well that I must be conscious of my health and eating habits. Being a single mom always on the go, I do not always eat well. In fact I received a hint from a message I received in my fortune cookie a couple of days ago when I went out to eat with Janice. I was told I must take care of my health and eat my vegetables!

Part of my plan to become healthier right now is taking a vitamin supplement.

For three weeks I have been taking Isotonix OPC-3. Not only has it helped improve my health it has completely stopped my allergies. I have had Asthma and allergies since I was 1. That was 30 years ago. I have taken countless over the counter and prescription allergy medications. One thing I really hated about them was the drowsiness side effect. I actually had one that my body got so used to it quit working. My other option was to begin taking allergy shots for the rest of my life and becoming a recluse.

It has also cleared up my complexion and I've noticed my hair has finally begun growing again.

OPC-3 has been amazing for me. I recommend it to everyone I know that has allergies to try OPC-3. At the health and wellness shows I have attended there have been testimonies that OPC-3 within a few days of taking this product they have seen drastic results.

I was skeptical about OPC-3 working for me but I tried it anyways.

For more information visit this informational page about OPC-3

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