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Friday, April 18, 2008

Health and Wellness

Health And Wellness Mini Seminar

Last night the gonow girls helped to host a health and wellness mini seminar. We had a wonderful time and made contacts with people who are looking for a way to stay healthy.

Our team members were there to support us and to also show the products. Mike started things off talking about the detox we offer. It is called NutraClean. He explained the benefits of the detox and how ones body needs to get rid of the toxins. He then went on to explain about the Greens and how they replace the minerals that our bodies use up throughout the day.

Next, Jennifer gave her testimony about the OPC 3 and how it has changed her life so she can get out and have fun even during the allergy season. You can read her blog post here.

Steve Cradic spoke about the Calcium and how our body needs more calcium. He also explained how our body loses calcium and that when it needs to replace it, it draws it from the bones. Our calcium supplement is a great way to replenish the calcium lost from our bodies.

Joann Velotti spoke about the Transitions Lifestyle and how we can change our ways of eating without doing all the crazy diets. Her husband RJ spoke about how everyone works out. Whether we are at the gym or cleaning house we all get some kind of workout. He talked about the product called Torch.

After this Mike talked about the digestive enzymes and the aloe drink.

To learn more about these products go to

To learn more about OPC 3 go to

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