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Saturday, April 19, 2008

For the pill poppers

I hate taking pills whether you have to swallow or chew them up. Drinking water doesn't always help. In fact, I gag sometimes.

I also forget to take them probably because I just don't like taking them.

Even though I have had allergies since I was a baby I had to take allergy medications. Most of the time they were in pill form. The aftertaste was horrible.

My other alternative to alleviating my allergies was to take the shots-that was even worse than taking a pill!

A couple of weeks ago after being nudged for at least a month, I decided to try Isotonix OPC-3. I hadn't taken a vitamin supplement since I was expecting my third child four years ago. Even then I couldn't stand taking pills.

I had considered chewables for my kids and then I could take those with them. But I was concerned my youngest two who are boys would consider them candy and ingest way too many leaving them very sick.

Then I was introduced to Isotonix OPC-3. It's in powder form. All I use is the tiny capful in the measured plastic cap it comes with and I add water (distilled preferrably). Within minutes it is working, significantly better than the mere pill form. And guess what, you don't have to worry about overdosing. Your body takes in what it needs and flushes the excess out. That's amazing since so many vitamins and medications out there you can overdose causing serious health issues.

My complexion has cleared up immensely, my allergies no longer bother me (it's Spring time too!), my hair is growing longer like i've wanted and I have the energy I need to get through the day.

I am thankful I have found a product that helps me in many ways to improve my health and stamina. OPC-3 is Market America's top selling product. Try it today and you will see why. For more information regarding OPC-3

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