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Friday, April 15, 2011

Staying Healthy

Health And Wellmess

Are you out there looking for healthy ways to help lose weight? Do you wonder if you will be able to keep the weight off? Are you looking for the right diet? Like many other people are you one that tries every diet for can find? Well, maybe dieting is not the answer.

When someone says they are on a diet I wonder if they will stick to it, and of course many do not. What people need to do is look at how their lifestyle can be changed and make the changes. Loosing weight also involves what you think about food and it also includes your level of stress.

I used to be one of those who could eat almost anything and never have to worry about weight gain. My metabolism was high and my stress level was low. However, throughout the years my metabolism has slowed and my stress level has become high. These two things has contributed to my weight gain. These two things also contributed to my heart attack a year ago.

Since my heart attack I have been looking for ways to decrease my weight by increasing my metabolism and alleviating stress. I have looked for many things, but what I have found is the answer is the same. Eat healthier foods, exercise more and think positive.

While eating healthier foods and exercise is not always easier, Staying positive is the hardest for me to do. I tend to let my mind wander sometimes and I find myself thinking about stuff that stresses me out. However, I have two wonderful pets who sense when I am stressing and one of them will do something to bring my mind back into perspective. The dog will either bark or the cat will crawl into my lap to be petted. This really does help and I am finding it its soothing for me and my pets to have me think in more positive ways.

As for eating healthier, I am doing my best to eat more fruits and vegetables and am drinking more water. I am also taking a vitamin supplement called OPC3 and one called ORAC. I can easily take these because they come in an isotonic form. and they taste great!

My friend Jennifer also takes these vitamin supplements and they help greatly with her asthma. When she takes these two products, she breathes easier and she used her inhaler LESS! These two products can also help with loosing weight because they help you to get rid of the free radicals in your body and help your body to detox. To find out more about these two vitamin supplements you can check out this link.

Another product you can use is NutriClean Probiotics. This product provides good bacteria to help your digestive tract and it helps your immune system. To learn more about NutriClean check out this link.

If you are looking to be healthy and lose weight check out OPC3, ORAC, and NutriClean. They really are good for you!

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