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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

April is Pet Safety Awareness Month

Pet Safety Awareness Month

This is the month to focus on your pet to help keep them safe and healthy. One way to keep them healthy is to make sure you give they good quality food.

When we first got our dog we did not read the labels and we mostly fed him whatever was the cheapest dog food. However around the time he turned three we started to notice his fur was coming out and he was very itchy. That is when we realized how important it is to read the labels on dog food.

We found our dog is allergic to and ingredient, found in most dog food, called Brewer's rice. When we started feeding him dog food without Brewer's rice he started to improve; however he still itched. We then learned he was allergic also to flea collars. His veterinarian now has him on a pill that he takes once a month and the fleas are gone.

During all this we started using Pet Health from Market America. The first product we started using was the OPC formula with glucosamine. Our dog is a lively five year old and is still like a puppy when he runs and plays. This vitamin I believe helps him to stay healthy and young.

I also use the Pet Health shampoo. I started using this when we found out he had allergies. It leaves his fur soft and shiny and it has a clean fresh smell.

Don't just take my word; try the Pet Health products and see for yourself how they help keep your pet healthy and clean.

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