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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Motives nail enamel by Loren Ridinger

After over a year of wishing Market America would add nail polish to their line of products I got exactly what I wished for. Just a few days ago I finally received my Motives nail enamel order and used it right away.

Because the most of the choices are on back order and only a select few were available, I chose a light color to try out ( Sneak Peek) and a dark color (Seduce Me).

I chose to try Seduce Me first. Because I have delt with dry skin and discolored toe nails for many years I wanted to see how it would look on them. For one, it dries quickly and two I really liked the brush. Even after getting the excess enamel off the brush I was still able to put the enamel on most of my toes before having to put more on the brush. I used very little of the Seduce Me nail enamel to cover all my toe nails. The color is very nice. Even after venturing outside wearing Chaco sandals into the heavy rains to get lunch the nail polish hasn't faded nor chipped off.

To learn more about these products and many other Motives cosmetics please vist http://WWW.MOTIVESCOSMETICS.COM/GONOWGIRLS

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