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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Snap Products Are Environmentally Safe And Hypoallergenic

Yesterday I saw an ad for laundry detergent that said it would do up to 60 loads and it cost $12.99. Now I know to many that sounds like a good deal, but I also know that the bottle for that amount of liquid laundry detergent is big, bulky, and not always easy to lift and pour from.

I have found a liquid laundry detergent that costs less is in a smaller container, and can do the same amount of loads as the bigger containers of other laundry detergents. The product is Snap laundry detergent and it costs $10.50 a bottle. It is environmentally safe to use and it also comes in a hypoallergenic form. This product has also been known to do up to 80 loads in the newer washers.

Costs less, hypoallergenic, environmentally safe and is easier to pick up and to store sounds like a better deal to me. I would recommend you check it out. Also check out the fabric softener. You just sprinkle it into the dryer and your clothes come out smelling fresh and clean. The powder fabric softener will do about 1000 loads, and you no longer have to use dryer sheets that cling to your clothes.

Tried of lifting those heavy laundry detergent bottles, tired of finding those clingy fabric softener sheets in our clothes then check the Snap products out. Are you also concerned about the environment, or is someone in your family allergic to certain detergents, then check out Snap.

You can find these products at

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