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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Motives cosmetics training

Our Motives training has finally come and gone by us very quickly. It was a long weekend but very fun, exciting and informative.

For me being a tomboy all of my life, learning about makeup this weekend was very fun. I enjoyed learning hands on and being the "guinea" for Laura Laire. She was so much more pleasant than I expected her to be. For a national Motives trainer Laura was in fact, quite awesome.

Janice, myself, Nicole and Marlene were the ones that attended and were local. The rest of the group resided in the Nashville, Knoxville or Georgia area although I believe there were supposed to be some from Florida.

I am proud of myself that I chose to attend all three days to become a Motives Senior Consultant! This means I can now custom blend foundations and mineral powders to my customers skin giving them their very own formula!

We have already planned our first skincare show along with a makeover to be held at Nicole's house the first week of November. This is a very exciting time for us.

I am already working on a give away for Janice and I to do at the next Chamber of Commerce Coffee.

I am definitely going to have to prove myself since my family and friends have been making fun of me since I attended training. In fact my mom and best friend were shocked I asked for a makeup bag and actually started using it!

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