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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Market America Products

Market America Product Show

We will be having a Skin Care and Healthy Home product show this Saturday at 11:000 in McDonald, TN. It will be at Sandra Hendrick's home (Jennifer's mom). Mary Susan Rehrer will be showcasing the wonderful Market America skin care products.

I love the Motives cosmetics especially the lip palette. The colors are beautiful and very up to date. I have just started using the Skintelligence moisturizer and I love how my skin feels. It is no longer dry, but has become softer and smoother.

Along with the skin care show, Jennifer will be showcasing the Market America home products. I have been using the home products and have found them to be wonderful. The laundry detergent and and fabric softener are fabulous. My in laws really like the dish washing crystals. They say that they use less of this product than any our dish washing crystals they has used in the past, and they get great results.

Our show is this Saturday at 11:00 in McDonald, TN.

If you have any testimonials about the Market America products let us know through your comments on the blog.

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