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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Market America & Personal Development

What do Market America and personal development have to do with each other?

Yesterday the Market America team (Team Unity) and I traveled to Franklin, TN just outside of Nashville to hear Tom Holden from Houston,Texas.

Tom told us his story about how he came into Market America. He was literally eating Ramen Noodles to make ends meet. It took him over a year to get activated. Through it all Tom learned from the mistakes he had made along the way.

When David Whited recognized the up and coming/rising distributors he asked each one a question regarding what they have learned with Market America.

Majority of them pointed out Personal Development. They have come out of their shells to overcome their fears. They all enjoy helping others all the while they are gaining confidence.

Personally, I am in the beginning stages of overcoming my fear of people. Part of it is from the way I was raised, dealing with personal issues as an adult as well as my own desire to change me.

Hearing Tom speak yesterday really motivated me. He also spoke at a level I could understand and he was right when he personally told me that sometimes we make things hard on ourselves when it doesn't have to be that way.

On the outside Market America looks like any other business opportunity out there.

But it's not. Like many other Market America teams, my team supports each other. We all have the opportunity to put our two cents in, consolidate (if need be) and get things working in the right direction. The same holds true when we attend a local.

Attending the trainings helps build your confidence. You also discover that most of the other distributors around you share the same fears.

It is amazing to be connected with a company that trully does care about the people who help promote their products and services. How many other companies out there actually promote building confidence, team work and push for you to have a mentor?

You are trully not alone when you become a part of Market America.

Tomorrow is going to be a new and diffrent day for me focused on reaching my goal (as well as my entire teams) of becoming activated.

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