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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Having A Heart Attack

Many people have suffered a heart attack and then learn that their body had been giving them signals all along. It is a good idea to learn what some of the signs are that your body gives, but it is equally important to know how to help your body be healthy.

When I had my heart attack I couldn't believe that it was actually happening. I was like most and realized later that I had not been noticing the signs until my heart just begin to fail. I ended up in the hospital and had an emergency triple by-pass. I was fortunate that I received help quickly, but not everyone is as fortunate.

Some people have severe damage to their heart and have to live on medication for the rest of their lives. Others have to go though hours of therapy to regain mobilization and learn how to speak again. Then, of course, others do not make it through surgery and then the family is faced with a devastating loss. However, there is something people can do to help keep their heart healthy before a heart attack strikes.

First one has to be aware of the sins their body gives them. These signs can be many things. My signs were feeling fatigue when doing jobs that did not often require much energy. These feelings sometimes would just show up as being out of breath just walking downstairs to take clothes to the washer. Sometimes I would have pain in my wrists and elbows after playing a video game; these pains would subside with rest.

Another sign I had was that I had was that I was gaining weight no matter how much I exercised or dieted. (I am not an overly large person.) I just couldn't get rid of the weight. I thought maybe I was just not exercising enough or I was stressed to the point I wasn't paying attention to how or what I was eating.

These are just two of the signs my body was giving me, but I didn't listen. I would just explain them off as nothing to be concerned about and would just keep going.

In February of this year my body got my full attention. I went from having pain in one wrist to pain shooting straight to my chest. I was no longer just out of breath, but to stand up I would get dizzy. I would walk a couple of steps and have to sit down. I started to feel nauseated and the pain just got worse in my chest. I was having a full blown heart attack!

As I said earlier I was fortunate and I was able to get emergency medical technicians to me quickly. They assessed my problem and got me to the helicopter which took me to one of the best hospital in Tennessee. I received the best of care and now I am back to having fun and telling others my story.

I have learned about a product called Heart Health which is sold by Market America. This product has many of the much needed things to help one maintain a healthy heart. One of these is the Omega III fish oils. Omega III fish oils and found to help with cardiovascular health and to promote healthy blood pressure.

I know that just taking supplements will not give one a perfect healthy heart. One has to eat a good balanced diet that is low glycemic and doesn't add lots of calories, but will help one to feel energized and full.

One also has to have an exercise routine that is achievable, and one must stick to it. Remember the best exercise routine that works is the one that is done and not just planned. Therefore one must get up and be active.

Get the nutrients your body needs, take action and exercise and eat a well balanced diet.

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