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Monday, December 14, 2009

Teenagers, Cosmetics and the Motives & ME program

Have a teenage girl in your home or know one? If they love make up and they love giving make overs to friends and family here is a Great opportunity just for them!

What is the Motives and Me Program?

The Motives and Me program is perfect for teens who are looking to earn the cash they want, while having fun selling one of the hottest makeup lines in the country. It gives teenagers the opportunity to run their own business while being mentored and coached by a Motives Customer Manager. Customer Managers sign up a teen associate and assign the teen a Motives mini-website ( name).

The young entrepreneur can then refer customers to this website to purchase Motives products. With each sale, the Motives Customer Manager will give the retail profit from that sale to the teenager (after all, they made the sale happen!), while the Motives Customer Manager will receive the BV from that sale. Market America provides a platform, but is not involved in the underlying transaction between you and any teenager with whom you enter into a business relationship.

What are the major benefits for the teen?

Flexible schedule so teens can earn money when they want
Earn extra cash while having fun selling one of the hottest cosmetics lines in the country
What are the major benefits for the Motives Customer Manager?
Receive BV on all sales completed by their teen associate
Reach a consumer base of new rising trendsetters
What do I need in order to be eligible to participate in the Motives and Me Program?
The requirements are that you are a Customer Manager with an active Motives mini-website.

How do I sign up a teen for the Motives and Me Program?
It is easy. All you have to do is go to your UnFranchise Business Account and under the tab "other services" you will find the Motives Teen Associate program. There you can sign up a new teen or manage your current teen.

What are the costs associated with signing up a teen as an associate?
There are no costs associated with signing up a teen. The mini-site that the teens receive is free and is active as long as your Motives Cosmetics mini-site is active.

What are some ideas to get the teen started?
Get the teen signed up and acquainted with the Motives brand and their Motives and Me website so they can start sending out their website to their friends.
Show them how to manage their account and set sales goals with them so they have something to work towards.
Help them set up a makeup party with friends, by sharing your makeup with them and printing off invites from ma PrintCenter.
Encourage the use of word of mouth marketing including using Twitter, Facebook, MySpace etc.

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