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Monday, November 3, 2008

Motives Custom Blend Foudations and Mineral Powders

Lorin Ridinger's Motives Cosmetics

Motives cosmetics are customizable cosmetics by Lorin Ridinger.

These cosmetics are unlike other cosmetics. As Motive Senior Consultants my friends and I can go to each customers home and customize the foundations and mineral face powders, blushes, and bronzers to the customers own skin.

We can determine the undertone of the customers skin and choose the colors that are the most flattering for the customer.

We have been trained by Laura Laire the top Motives trainer in the nation and she showed us how to blend the foundations, how to determine the undertones and how to blend the mineral powders.

Motives is unlike any other makeup I have seen. It makes you feel and look beautiful, and you can have it matched to your skin so that it appears as if you are not wearing makeup at all.

Check it out.

You can also check out the Motives cosmetics at

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motives cosmetics said...

Their mineral powder simply rocks. It is awesome.

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